The Parti Colored yorkshire Terrier cannot be shown in AKC shows at this time because of the disqualifications set forth by the YTCA.       Below are some shows that they  can be shown in.




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 NAKC is pleased to announce the acceptance of the Parti Colored Yorkshire Terrier to it’s Companion Group. The PCYT will be allowed to compete with full recognition and the ability to earn Championship points. As of April 5th, 2010 all PCYT will be allowed to compete at all NAKC events either in the US or Canada and be allowed to earn International Titles offered through NAKC.

 Should anyone require more information they are welcomed to contact the NAKC offices at 352-397-5613, or email to [email protected] . Entry forms and show calendar are available at . Please be aware that the calendar is updated throughout the year, and a full list of shows is not available at this time. Membership is required to show, as insurance requirements prevent coverage of non-members.


John Seibel

NAKC President


                                                       Showing the Parti

We have been accepted into NAKC to show our Partis.
Show Schedule is HERE
You must be a member NAKC to get your Championship Certificates
 WE will be showing in the same group as the Traditional Yorkshire Terrier.
We urge Parti Yorkie owners to register with NAKC and  get out there and show
APRI ( America’s Pet Registry, Inc) Does recognize the Parti’s for showing.

1. The dog would need to be registered or duel registered through them.
2. Abide by the applicable APRI Pet owner, breeder, and exhibitor Codes of Ethics
3. Dogs will be micro-chipped before the showing.
4. Current (within 30 days) health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination when checking in for a show.
5. No scores will be recorded until a DNA specimen has been taken at the show and the microchip scanned and recorded.
ACA (American Canine Association) 

If your dog is registered with ACA it does qualify for any shows we sponsor.

Joan Fanelli
Customer Service
American Canine Association, Inc.
Phone: 1-800-651-8332
Fax: 1-800-422-1864
" The Parti colored Yorkie can show in our shows, she would be judged against the FCI standards (
"Brooke Bridegum 
International Dog Shows........In IABCA You must show under the Biewer standards and  they will be considered a Biewer.
ARBA (American Rare Breed Association) waiting for reply.



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