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It's Showtime

Posted by partiyorkshireterrierclub on March 27, 2011 at 6:18 PM Comments comments (12)

On March 26, 2011 Teresa Magness of Magnum Yorkies and Shirley Bovay of Fantasy Yorkies attended a dog show put on by the MakingTracks for APRI South Chapter in St. Roberts Missouri. Also attending their first show was Clara Detmers and Pricilla Balance of It’s Parti Time Yorkies.Teresa brought her daughter Nikki to help out and Pricilla brought her daughter,Angela to help out and to show their dog Mickey who was bred by Shirley at Fantasy Yorkies.


Whiskey in foreground, Aladdin in Back                                                                                        Mickey  with judge 


  APRI will allow theParti colored Yorkie to compete in their dog shows and both Teresa and Shirley have shown in their shows previously. We found the folks at APRI to be both welcoming and accepting of our unique colored Yorkies so we have decided tosupport them when possible and to show our Yorkies in this venue. Last October Teresa had her Parti Yorkie Dancer – Magnum’s Parti Dancer completed her championship and Shirley finished her Parti Yorkie Aladdin – Panda Bear Parti Aladdin. Teresa and Shirley also had the first leg completed toward his championship on their co-owned Parti Yorkie male, Whiskey – Fantasy’s Life of the Parti At Magnum


Whiskey on Table w/Teresa                                               Judge going over Whiskey                                    Whiskey Gaiting

  In order to get an APRI Championship you have to score 185 or better for three legs. Each leg has 2 individual judges examining the dog and watching it gait. They then independently score the dog and their scores are added together. Each dog is compared to and evaluated against the written standard; they do not compete against each other.If you score over 185 points you have successfully completed that leg and will get a written evaluation from the judges. After completing three legs you are an APRI Champion. Only one leg can be obtained in dogs 6-12 months old, the other required two legs must be obtained after the dog is over one year old. Further championships like Prominent Champion (similar to Grand Champion) and ChampionPar Excellence can be obtained by competing further after getting your firstchampionship, each of these also takes 3 legs. The Champion Par Excellence legis only awarded with a perfect score of 200. The winner of each group - (Toy,Herding, Non-sporting, Sporting, Terrier, Working, & Hound) competes for the Top Dog award of the day which is comparable to Best In Show. In most APRI Dog Shows there are 2 shows in one day so you get more opportunities to show.


            Shirley and Aladdin in group                                                                                                   Panda Bear Parti Aladdin

  Teresa and Shirley finished their co-owned male Whiskey on March 26th with scores of 198 & 198. Teresa also showed her 5 month old puppy Cabaret – Magnum’s Show Girl in the junior puppy classes for a written evaluation but no points.Teresa’s Cabaret won the Best Junior Puppy in Show award which was really appreciated. Clara and Pricilla obtained 2 legs toward Mickey’s championship and had a great time watching Angela show him. They plan to finish his championship at a future show that is closer to their home in Illinois. Shirley showed Aladdin and obtained 2 legs toward his Prominent Champion with scores of 199 & 200 and she even got one leg toward his Champion Par Excellence award with that perfects core of 200!! Shirley and Aladdin also won the toy group for both shows of the day and got to compete in the Top Dog lineup twice. Shirley and Aladdin won theTop Dog award in the second show and were thrilled to be given a trophy and this award.


                         Aladdin gaiting                                                                                     Aladdin toy group winner

  For more information about APRI and their dog shows please check out their website at  or email Teresa at [email protected] We would love to have more Parti Yorkies showing and APRI has allowed us to do this. We had a great time competing and socializing with each other and would love to have other Parti Yorkie breeders competing as well.

Teresa Magnum

More Photos of the Show


Teresa holding Whiskey and Cabaret                                                                                   Top dog being awarded   


                 Top dog with trophy, Aladdin                                                   Shirley with Aladdin(Top Dog) and Teresa with Cabaret-BestPuppy



      Whiskey meeting the younger crowd                                              Shirley and Aladdin with his second leg of Prom.Champion

                                                                                                                              and first leg toward Champion Par Excellence                                                                                                  


Top dog with trophy & gifts - Aladdin                                                                    Teresa and Cabaret - Best puppy

All Photos Courtesy of Fantasy Yorkies and Magnum Yorkies


NAKC Accepts the Parti

Posted by partiyorkshireterrierclub on April 8, 2010 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (1)

NAKC is pleased to announce the acceptance of the Parti Colored Yorkshire Terrier to it’s Companion Group. The PCYT will be allowed to compete with full recognition and the ability to earn Championship points. As of April 5th, 2010 all PCYT will be allowed to compete at all NAKC events either in the US or Canada and be allowed to earn International Titles offered through NAKC.


Should anyone require more information they are welcomed to contact the NAKC office at 352-397-5613, or email to [email protected] . Entry forms and show calendar are available at . Please be aware that the calendar is updated throughout the year, and a full list of shows is not available at this time. Membership is required to show, as insurance requirements prevent coverage of non-members.



John Seibel




50 Members Strong

Posted by partiyorkshireterrierclub on February 9, 2010 at 3:46 PM Comments comments (2)

Today we have reached 50 members, this is such great news. It is really a wonderful thing to have so many  parti owners and breeders joining the club,  I hope we continue to grow and  show everyone that the Parti Yorkie is here to stay.   


Parti Yorkies In Canada----Pixie Dust Yorkies

Posted by partiyorkshireterrierclub on February 9, 2010 at 3:44 PM Comments comments (1)

 Our search started 2006.  

We hadyorkies and were very much in love with them.   My husband startingtalking about how much fun it would be to one day have puppies..thatwould not always be the same color..not just Black/blue and tan.   Ihad heard of Biewers but knew they were not accepted by Canadian Kennel Club. After  researching on line I started to hear about Parti coloredyorkies ..really caught my eye.   I contacted quite a few breeders, butnever really felt like "I" was the right match..never really seemed toget the answers I needed.   I then contacted Loryn(Crownridge)..wetalked for a long time and often... She knew everything about heryorkies..I had to get a pen and paper to keep track so I would not getconfused.   I then sat down with a few vets to find out if there wasany truth to the rumors that I had heard  they were sickly..bad tobreed.. etc. All the vets told me the same thing...colour was no reasonto think they were unhealthy,..of course they would go for the samecheckups ect as my traditional yorkies before we ever decided to bredthem.   My goal since I started breeding was get the best....breed thebest..bred for families and socialized for families..I never wantedsomeone to have to lose a fur friend because of something I could haveprevented.   The more I talked with her, the more I questioned Why Icould not get them accepted into CKC. Being a CKC member and Breeder Ican not bred anything that is not "purebred". They are namechange, just not a current show colour...So I would have to get themregistered with Canadian Kennel Club.    My CKC mission started in 2007with lots of call and e mails..lots and lots of no`S...   But the onlygood reason they could give me was that National Yorkshire terrierclub had no code for Parti or tri colored yorkies.   Why I thoughtwould the Yorkshire terrier club have the last word over what theCanadian Kennel club should be doing..they register all purebred dogsnot just yorkies. If I prove they are purebred anda recognized bred is there job to correctly register them . Itis not a new bred just a different colour.   I was not about to giveup...I would keep going until I found someone that could say yes..

  In May of 2008 I finally started to get some answers I wanted to hear...They startedto say they would register them..but if the color was not listed forthe Yorkshire terrier, then I would just have to pick a closest to thecolor listed...   Hmm ..still a big problem as far as I or blue/ tan with some white.... . I was not goingto become a member of a group that expected me to lye..which is what Ifelt I would be doing if I just pick a color.    Being that a parti isat least 30 % white I feel I would be misleading or looked uponas a breeder that was lying..   That would squish all the work I haddone to prove myself as a good breeder.   I kept fighting for a betteranswer   Just because I starting the ball rolling I was receiving callsand email's from show breeders telling me they needed to be destroyed,or hidden from the public and that if I choose to bred them I would beunethical and would be breeding sickly dogs  giving yorkies a bad name.  I was even told to destroy all my current reg yorkies ( mykids!)  and they would offer me..better yorkies to show and bred on aco ownership..then I would be a "good" breeder.  These people had noteven seen my dogs..or my papers and pedigrees !!   I kept calling CKC..I was not going away (I think they hoped I would)   

On July 14, 2008 I got the answer I had wanted to hear...    

Hello Cindy,

Thankyou for your call earlier this afternoon and your message below. It wasgood to speak with your possible membership and the issues below.Further to our conversation, I'd like to pass on some information thatI gleaned from my colleagues/experts here.

 First,your Yorkies will actually have a greater choice of colours forregistration with CKC than what the national Yorkshire Terrier BreedClub suggests, simply because genetically there is no way to prove thatthey cannot be the colour that you and your AKC registration paperssuggest. The National Club suggests the colour palette that we use, butwe are not rigidly restricted to those colours, so there should be noproblem accepting a colour that is very close to Parti (from our colourgrid of over 800). 

 HA !!!

I got the answer I wanted to hear and  then got it in writing !!

 On to my next step..

 All my dogs live in my home with me sleep in my get the idea,

 Lorynsaid hers did too...but she had so many..I had to see it for just shipping my baby to me...I had to meet her in person.

 September 2008

 Off we went to California, (our first time)

 I was so in love with Loryn and all her was the best dream ever !!  

 She said she had my baby..and she did !! The best little girl ever..Home came... Crownridge Princess Ariel 

 Idid a DNA test, got the AKC paper,..took pictures and sent along mypackage to CKC with my email correspondence..just in case

 I kept my finger crossed and waited 

 January 13, 2009

 I received the envelope..holding my breath I opened it....YES !!! It was official She was day ever :))

(Certificate was issued by Canadian Kennel Club on January 6, 2009)

 Now it was time to get her a boyfriend..

 We grab a plane and went back to Loryn ( second time in California)


 We did everything all over and he was approved  by CKC on May 22, 2009.

 Weknew it would be a while before Ariel would be breeding, Loryn agreedto sell us 2 girls we fell in love with while we were visiting.

 We we took a trip to California ( I became so addicted to Loryns I started to go down every 3

 Bunny and Cupcake came home..both are carriers and had been bred to full parti males before bringing them home

 Bunny had a litter on June 18,2009 

1 parti female

2 parti males

1 B/T Carrier male

 Cupcake had a litter on June 21, 2009 

3 males B/T

1 parti female.

 I have been told we had the


First parti babies to be born and registered in particolour Nov 2009

We had only 1 male remain in Canada 2 girls and 1 boy went back to California

 OurAriel is due to have babies sometime this week..ultrasound and  x rayshave confirmed 3 babies..although one is very very small in the xray.We expect a c section and will be watching her closely. 

 We are super excited !!

 Currently we have

Ariel and Charming our full partis

Cricket, Nala, Aurora, Aladdin, Bunny, Cupcake our Carriers

 We look forward to many more parti babies.

 We are looking for a few fellow breeders up to help us get the partis going strong in Canada !!

Wehave only been stopped by a few people who even know what they are..Surprisingly the people that do know what they are have been retiredbreeders that were active in the show ring...I have even beentold..they remember breeder culling yorkies that came out with too wrong is that.!!

Cindy www.myyorkiebabies.Com